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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Technology | Lower Mainland Tech Support

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Why you should be Upgrading Old Devices

When it comes to technology, it is understandable that businesses want it to last instead of Upgrading Old Devices. It can often be expensive! Obviously, you don’t want to rush out and buy the latest gadgets every time something new hits the market. But, on the flip side, you also don’t want to hang on to old tech too long. Holding on to that old technology for too long, can actually cost you more money.

Loss of Productivity

When a piece of tech gets old, it runs less efficiently. (A bit like us!) Even if you maintain your hardware, it will eventually wear out. This leads to devices slowing down to perform regular tasks. Or even breaking down completely. (Just hearing your computer fans more often, may be an indicator that is now having to work harder than it used to!) So, how often do you want to have downtime to make the repairs? Most people would say none! Not only are you interrupting workflow, but you may also end up spending more on repeated repairs than you would to simply replace. This can be fixed by Upgrading Old Devices.

Increase Efficiency

The world of tech is a competitive one. So, technology manufacturers are always looking to improve their products’ efficiency. New equipment is always coming out. Equipment that can do more. That can do it faster. Some are even more energy efficient! After all, they need to stand out from their competitors, right? A more efficient system means more efficient staff. So, by Upgrading Old Devices, more work gets done in a shorter time!

A Positive Working Environment

One big positive for upgrading (and one that can easily get overlooked) is the effect this will have on employees. Having better tools to make doing a job easier is going to have a great effect on morale. Employees can work with more confidence and less frustration!

Compatibility Issues

As technology advances, so do the accessories and connectors. So, you may have difficulty finding the accessories you need that still work with your particular device. Additionally, newer software often requires higher specs to operate… specs that an older device may not have.

Security Vulnerabilities from not Upgrading Old Devices

Older devices become security risks. As new devices come out, they come with newer software and apps to support their newer systems. It is just not cost-effective for these developers to keep supporting all of the older versions as well. So they often don’t! They will only go back a limited number of generations. (Hence, the end-of-service or life notifications you will see.) Without regular software updates and patches, these older devices become vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals and malware. This puts both your device and valuable data at risk.

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