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Does Your IT Company Play Well With Others? | Abbotsford Tech Support

Managed IT | July 9, 2021

Tech Company Culture

When choosing a company to provide your IT Support, there are obviously a few things to consider. Things like expertise. Experience. Professionalism. Trustworthiness. Tech Company Culture often gets overlooked. How good are they at working with you/ your staff? What is their ability to work with software and equipment suppliers? Being a liaison between you and your tech suppliers is a very important role.

So Many Tech Vendors!

IT support staff work with a lot of different services and companies to provide your business with the tech and systems it needs. This means they need to know and get along with a lot of vendors!

It ranges from basic office software, such as Microsoft packages, to specialist applications, like accounting and CRM software. Then you have storage suppliers, hardware suppliers, communication networks and more. There are so many different types of IT vendors! Not only do you need a team that knows who to go to for everything, but which one of the available options would specifically fit your company. All this research and decision-making takes time, effort, and good industry knowledge.

Oh yes… they also need to understand how these vendors work. What their processes are. What terminology they use.

All of this can make a huge difference to how much you (as the end-consumer) pay, the standard of goods you receive and the speed in which you receive those goods.

Just this week, a message reminded us of how important it is to maintain good Tech Company Culture. We had recently worked with a vendor, on behalf of a client, and were very happy to receive this feedback:

“No need to thank me. Of all the email issues we are seeing (over 150 calls), your I.T has been the most professional and fast acting. They deserve all the credit, so thank you, Michael. Nice to work with true professionals.”

Knowing how to work with this vendor not only made the job easier at their end, but it ultimately helped our client receive the result they needed more efficiently. It should also help with any future interactions with the vendor. Wins all round!

So, next time you are shopping around for a new IT support provider, add Tech Company Culture to your checklist of things to consider. And, if you happen to be looking for support in the BC Fraser Valley, we would love to chat! Visit us on instagram!

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