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Terravista offers a wide range of managed IT services that can be implemented for an ongoing fixed price. All of our managed IT services work similarly to a warranty, giving you complete peace of mind that any IT-related issues that come up will be covered and resolved by our team of experts.

Backups and Backup Testing

All of our cloud-based and physical backup services are designed to keep your company data local in order to allow for the fast recovery of data as needed. Our team also performs daily backup testing to prevent problems, as well as to continuously improve our systems and processes.

Managed Antivirus Services

Tailored to meet the needs of each specific system, our managed antivirus services use exclusions to prevent the software from causing problems with day-to-day activities. Our team will routinely check the antivirus software every morning and will provide you with an alert if any major issues arise.

Remote Monitoring of Critical Services

Once a week, our team will remotely monitor your critical services as well as perform a manual check of all the hardware, including tracking alerts, event logs, and hard drives, to ensure that everything is in optimal working condition.

Hardware Repair

If you are having issues with your hardware, we offer both onsite and offsite hardware repair services. This means that our team members can either pick up the hardware to repair it at our office or they can repair the device at your office, depending on the severity of the repair job.

Windows Update Management

At Terravista, we understand the importance of keeping your workday moving. That is why we offer Windows update management services for resolving slow computer issues that can be performed on your schedule.

Software Integration

Our software integration services are perfect for businesses that are looking to add value to their current software or are wanting their programs to synch up with newer programs. Our team can even help you develop software that corresponds between your current system and other types of software.

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