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Managed IT for the Dental Industry

Uncategorized | May 6, 2022
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Calling All Dental Offices!

Upon visiting the the dentist, we, just like everyone else, are asked if we floss regularly. But, As tech supporters, we notice another sort of maintenance. We notice outdated computer systems! Unfortunately, we’re often concerned to see many workstations in Fraser Valley dental offices are still running Windows 7 Pro. Since we serve so many dental and health related companies, we thought we could share some thoughts on why this presents a risk.

Windows 7 System Risks

Old Windows 7 Pro workstations pose major security risks. This is because Microsoft no longer supports or maintains Windows 7, which doesn’t receive security patches. Microsoft considers it “dead”. Also, software is not receiving important updates on Windows 7. You can learn more about these risks here.

Since tech is not the main focus of a busy dental office, many workstations are not up to date. We highly suggest fixing this as soon as possible! Without exception, all ransomware attacks we have seen in the last two years have been on these workstations. Attacks can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are often not recoverable.

Specialized Software and Equipment Expertise

We specialize in unique work station setups, and build them to suit the operatory of each company, according to their needs. We’ve done wall and chair mounted touch screen monitors, for example. Our team has worked with many of the major vendors of dental practice management and imagery solutions.

Client Security and Service

We know that dental companies can’t afford to be down during the day. Having a local, knowledgeable and efficient tech support team behind you can protect from down time. We can help you recover swiftly and easily, without interrupting your patients care. We also understand the importance of security. Client’s personal data must be protected by law. Our team can absolutely ensure this needed level of protection.

Our Services for the Dental Industry

We make sure your tech runs well, so you can focus on your patients and growing your practice. Our team serves many dental clinics and related practices, so we understand the industry. Here are a few reviews from our clients;

“Helped me right away and stayed with us till it was fixed”

“My technical support was superb and I was back to transcribing right away”

“Excellent service as always”

“Thank you so much for your help and for solving my technical problems”

“Fast response, big thanks to Michael!”

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