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5 Reasons to Work With A Local IT Provider

Managed IT | March 25, 2022
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You own or run a local business, and you are great at doing what you do. But you are not really a tech wizard. You have a basic understanding of what you need and how to use it. But tech is constantly changing, and you don’t have time to keep on top of that as well as what you need to know to do your own job. And let’s be honest here… that’s your priority, right? At least, it should be!

So, you need professional help with your IT. What do you do? Who do you turn to? Well, there are a few options…

The Options

Do you hire someone to be in-house support? Or do you outsource to an IT services company? And if you do outsource, which one do you pick? Do you need someone local, or can you just pick a virtual provider?

So many questions!!

I know… it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin at the best of time… but now throw in the current onslaught of cybersecurity attacks and our post-pandemic reliance on Technology, and this decision becomes even scarier. You want to get it right the first time. (You can’t afford not to!)

Choosing the right provider for your IT support services is an important decision. Probably one of the most important, in fact!


In-house IT support has it’s benefits for large corporations who can afford it. But outsourcing makes much more sense for small to medium-sized business. And for so many reasons! Hiring staff is costly and time-consuming. (Not to mention training and updating that training, since technology and cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving). Outsourced tech support companies typically have entire teams of technicians to draw from, meaning a larger combined pool of experience and problem-solving minds. (Plus, no more headaches of finding cover while your IT guy is sick or away on vacation.)  They also have greater buying power… and more experience on where to get the best tech for the best price!

But what about the choice between virtual or local support? Well, this one is a little bit of an uneven race. Why? Well… the local support can do everything the virtual can… but the virtual can’t do everything a local IT services provider can. Let me explain…

1. On-Site Support

Obviously, the biggest plus is the ability to have on-site support. Yes, a huge number of issues can be fixed remotely, these days. BUT, not every issue can! Having access to local techs that can get to you within half an hour is a huge bonus for getting your business back on track quickly. After all, downtime costs you money by the minute!

Oh yes… and it’s also way easier to show someone what the problem is, rather than try to explain over the phone!

2. Personalized Service

Working with a local company that you can meet face-to-face adds a personal touch and level of customer service that is hard to match virtually. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all business… so you don’t need a one-size-fits-all tech solution.

That personal attention makes you feel less like just a contract or number. You are not just another face-less caller to the technician. It’s a real fellow-local person to connect with and bounce ideas off. They can actually see how your business works first-hand and what your challenges may be… including challenges you may not even recognize, like if you have aging tech or an inefficient hardware set-up. So, whilst virtual services may seem cheaper short-term, in-person service saves you more money (& downtime) in the long run.

3. Unique Local Knowledge

A local IT service provider knows your community. They understand what it’s like to do business in your community better than someone located in another area… let alone another province or country! So, they also know your challenges better too.

And, when it comes to disaster recovery, a local IT services provider gives you an instant advantage. Their intimate knowledge of the area and its potential threats are a big bonus. Take, for example, the recent floods and storm damage that we experienced right here in the Fraser Valley last year. As locals, our team knew the areas that were prone to flood damage. They were able to keep a closer eye on (and be ready to react for) Sumas Prairie clients in a way that a virtual support team could not. In those situations, things can change at any time… and fast! (And they did!)

4. On-Site Training

Learning technology is not always easy for non-tech-heads. And not everyone learns the same way! When it comes to training staff on new systems or tech, virtual training can only go so far. (And only works for some people). When employees are not comfortable using new systems, if affects their productivity and your business output.

Local IT service providers can help you with in-person training that connects the dots better… whether it’s through official on-site group training sessions, in-person Q & A sessions, or a quick 1-to-1 demo.

buy local sign5. Contributing To Your Local Economy

And we saved the best for last – what goes around, comes around! Supporting another local business supports your local economy, which in turn supports your business too. In fact, for every $100 that is spent with a BC local business, $63 is re-circulated back into our local economy. If we took that one step further and increased it by just 10%, it would increase local purchases by 31%, benefit local charities 25 times more, and create over 14,000 local jobs.


At the end of the day, you need to find the best fit for you and your business. After all, all 3 options have their pros and cons. But if you are a small or medium-sized, locally-owned business, seriously consider hiring a local IT service provider for your tech needs. A tech from Toronto may be an awesome computer whizz… but how much do they really understand about the challenges of running a dental office in Abbotsford?

You can get the peace of mind that your tech is professionally taken care of, by faces you can get to know and trust, and will actually care about your business. You can go back to doing what you do best. PLUS you get to help build your own community’s local economy.

Oh… and if your community happens to be the Abbotsford, Chilliwack & Langley areas, we will happily be that local IT service provider. Just contact us!

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