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Local Charity Helping Ukraine – Update on Hungry For Life

Uncategorized | May 21, 2022
Stressed man in Ukraine

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the crisis in Ukraine and how local charity Hungry For Life is responding.

Hungry for Life is still working overtime every day. They pack vans which take supplies around Ukraine to the most in need locations. This includes spots under Russian control and in conflict zones.

Since then though, the country of Ukraine has developed a more severe fuel crisis. Lineups for diesel are hours long for only 10-15L of fuel. Because of this, production had to be moved closer inland so that the drives to deliver goods are not as long.

On top of this fuel crisis, and despite the deep generosity of the many donors who are supporting Hungry For Life’s team, the needs grow more every day. Vans travel to many locations in Ukraine where people wouldn’t otherwise have access to food and supplies. Stock is so low, though, due to lack of funding. This means vans must leave while they are only 3/4 full of supplies.

Although the organization is still in need of more donors, they are eternally grateful for those who have stepped up to help already. They posted on their Facebook recently, “Thank-you for participating. Thank-you for choosing to be a world changer. Thank-you for choosing to make a sacrifice today so someone you don’t know could eat.” – Hungry For life Facebook account on Ukraine donors.

Here is a video where Hungry For Life employee Chad Martz updates us on how operations are going in Ukraine.

No matter how much or little you have to offer, each penny is valuable to the people in Ukraine. Even a few dollars can fill a truck a bit more, and put another meal in the belly of someone who might not have had one for a week or more.

We encourage all people and businesses to give what they can. Donate here!

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