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Managed IT, Tech Tips | August 22, 2021

Local Careers in IT

In 2021, spending on IT services is expected to amount to around 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This is 9.8% more than the previous year. Clearly, technology in business is here to stay, and local careers in IT are more needed than ever! After all, the pandemic just highlighted how much we could do with it and (now) need it.

So, it probably goes without saying that us IT support folk have never been in higher demand, locally and beyond. After all, where there is technology, there also needs to be good people to set it up and maintain it. Whether it is supporting WFH employees, looking after automated systems or keeping the cyber-criminals at bay, tech support demand is only set to grow more. This means a career in IT anywhere is a smart choice!

But where to start?

The field has many different avenues within its sphere – programming, cyber-security, network administration, consulting and more. It can also seem quite a daunting world to join, from the outside. So, we asked our fantastic tech team who have all had local careers in IT what their advice would be for anyone wishing to join their ranks… and here are a few of their words of wisdom…

Dan – “Experience trumps credentials, so focus on practicing your skills and landing entry level IT positions at helpdesks and computer shops. If you’re just getting started, Microsoft certifications can be a great help.” Also, “Help out your local community (churches, charities and shelters) with their tech needs. It looks great on a resume and helps build valuable experience.”

Michael – “Just get started! Find an old PC that you have, mess with it, and figure out what happens when you do X. Back up…everything… and, oh boy, do I mean everything! Cisco and CompTIA also have some good entry-level certs. “

Alan – “Ask all the dumb questions that you have. Find a particular area of IT that interests you. Research things that you want to know about. Udemy has courses… Microsoft has communities.”

Noah – “Well, how I got started was just diving in, not knowing anything and just trying to figure stuff out as I go and learning tips from others.”

The rest of the team echoed these great pieces of advice. (Particularly the advice to just get on a computer and play!)

To sum things up on Local Careers in IT…

  • Join online forums and communities – like Reddit & Microsoft Communities
  • Sign up for practical courses – like the Microsoft certifications, Cisco, CompTIA & Udemy
  • Explore & research the areas that interest you the most!

And the #1 piece of advice that ALL of our guys gave on Local Careers in IT…

  •  Get experience any way you can – pull machines apart to see how they work. Mess with tech to see what happens. Volunteer where you can!

If you are starting out in IT, good luck and enjoy your journey. However, if you are already an experienced tech in the Fraser Valley looking for fresh challenges, keep an eye on our recruitment page. We are often on the lookout for local techs to join our IT team!

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