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Safer Internet Day 2022

Security | February 8, 2022

Internet Safety is important, so on Tuesday 8 February 2022 we celebrate Safer Internet Day! If you’ve never heard of it before, it is not a new campaign. This year’s celebration happens to be the 19th edition of the day. It has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar and is celebrated around the world. In fact, last year, Safer Internet Day was celebrated in about 200 countries and territories!

If you have heard of it before, that may be because you work with youth. The day itself is slightly more focused on Internet Safety for young people. And so, most of the official content that you will see promoted on social media etc will be aimed at children and youth. However, SID does call for action from people right across the board, including organizations and industry representatives. After all, the internet is a global community… which is probably why this year’s slogan is “Together for a better internet”. At the end of the day, the aim is to promote a safer internet for ALL users. Even if you don’t work with young people, we can all do our part to make the internet a safer place.

What can you do to improve Internet Safety?

So, what can you do as a business owner or organization to help make the internet a safer place?

It is organizations and industries that are in the best position to influence, shape and design how we see the world through the internet. They influence the platforms we use, the services we receive and the content we see.

Here are some suggestions on how you can improve Internet Safety for you, your company, your employees… and the internet community in general!


Communicate and educate your employees/co-workers on the dangers of the internet and digital information. The human element is the most unpredictable and important part of cyber security. After all, it can just take 1 click from 1 unknowing staff member to unleash a ransomware virus that can shut down your entire business! (Not to mention, potentially open an all-access pass to whatever sensitive information you have on employees or customers).

Training needs to include handling of sensitive data, safe password practices, device care and recognizing potential risks.

Post Wisely

For better internet safety, think before you post anything online! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, once it is on the internet, it’s on the internet forever. (Yes… even if you delete something!) This is another area that can be included in employee training… but also needs to be remembered by everyone right up to the top of the management tree! The internet is a melting post of opinion, information, and misinformation. (Oh… and Cyber-bullying has no age limit.) So, the potential to seriously damage your reputation (or even mental health) is ever present.

Stay Patched Up

Keep on top of your patching! Yes, updates can be annoying. But they are vital for the safety of your systems. Threats are constantly changing and evolving. So, so should your defences… and that is what updates and patches are there for. Run them and don’t avoid them. Don’t want to wait for them? Leave your computer on overnight and schedule the update to run then.


And finally, we say this one all the time, but it really is the most vital thing to protect your business. Have good back-ups! And check them often.

Get Involved in Internet Safety

Oh yes… and in the spirit of “Together for a better internet”, show your support for Safer Internet Day! You’ll be doing your part and showing clients, partners and employees that you care about the online community and the safety of their data.

If you are a Fraser Valley business and have concerns about your cybersecurity, we can help! Contact us.

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