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Local Charity Needs Your Help!

Uncategorized | April 8, 2022

Hungry For Life

Local Charity Working in the War Zone in Ukraine Needs Your Help

We are switching the conversation up from Tech News this week to talk about a locally founded charity doing important work. Hungry For Life is an organization that works in 12+ countries, including Ukraine, supporting communities in need in a variety of ways. You should certainly browse their website to learn more about the work they do. Today, though, we want to share about their work on the ground in Ukraine, because they need your help.

Chilliwack Family Working in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war, humanitarian workers from Chilliwack who serve with Hungry For Life have been hustling to care for those affected by the war. Some are still here in Chilliwack organizing and fundraising, while a few are actually on the grounds in Ukraine. Their names are Chad and Mary Martz. Mary grew up in Ukraine travelling lots with her family, so she is familiar with the whole country.

The Martz’s along with their daughter and team have housed thousands of people in their warehouses and homes. Many refugees need somewhere to sleep while they flee to nearby countries. Luckily, Hungry For Life is located as far away from the main war locations as possible, although there have been attacks everywhere. This means Hungry For Life is in one of the safest spots in the country. It’s an excellent location to house and feed people who need refuge.

How to Help Ukraine from the Fraser Valley

The Martz’s have been doing live updates on Hungry For Life’s work in Ukraine on Global News, CBC and more. Because they are  feeding and housing thousands at a time and needs are growing, they need lots of cash. Staff are having to buy out entire stores, and buy new buildings as they go. They need mattresses, medicine, vehicles and more. The organization is running out of funds and need the help of those who are able to donate as quickly as possible. Staff are sending food all over the country to those staying in war zones who do not have access to food supply. It is painful for staff as they sometimes do not have enough food or beds for everyone. Your donations to Hungry For Life could help them supply more people with these living necessities.

Their most recent update included that they have 420 vehicles around the country carrying supplies to those in need. They post regular updates on their blog and you can see exactly where your money is going. Staff do not take a cut of your donation. So far, they have given out over 300 tonnes of food and helped over 100,000 people. Already, they’ve spent 1.5 million dollars to do this, and the days, weeks and months ahead will require much more.

Words from Hungry For Life Worker, Annalise Schamuhn

She also has her own article on the war and the needs of Hungry For Life HERE.

“We’re reaching people who would likely not be reached by other organizations. They are people without resources – the poor, elderly, and disabled who rely on churches for support. . . people who are trapped in war zones and cut off from supplies. If we “only” supported thousands of people, we would have enough food and supplies in our warehouse for weeks. But, because the demand has grown exponentially, we are days away from the warehouse being empty. Since donations haven’t kept up with growing demand, we’ve had to cancel food orders.”

Hungry For Life is able to do with $1 what most organizations need $5 for. They are able to provide aid without overhead, as they have external donors to cover those costs.

“Looking ahead, We currently have two warehouses (in Zakarpattia and Vinnytsya) but have identified more warehouse space that will be donated for our use near war zones in the north, east and south.”

They are ready to deploy food and supplies to these warehouses once they receive funding. They cannot complete their plans for these warehouses without more funding, she stresses:


Proposals are available for those who would like to donate to Hungry For Life. If you or your business cannot donate, please pass this information along to others who may be able to.

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