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How To Make Your Office Space Better For Your Health | Fraser Valley Tech Consultants

For Fun, Hardware, Tech Tips | April 14, 2021

You spend a lot of time at work. In fact, at least half of the time you are awake. So, when you find you have some aches and pains at the end of the day, chances are that your office isn’t set up in the best way. (Unless you are a landscape gardener… or in construction… in which case, I don’t think your computer position is the issue!)

Now there are plenty of articles out there that talk about diet, snacking and exercising at work. Therefore, we are not going to cover those in this blog post. Let’s be honest here… we are not nutritionists or personal trainers! So, we are going to stick to our lane and talk the tech stuff and their ergonomics!

Your Monitor Height

Monitor height plays a huge role in your desk comfort… and ultimately your health! The wrong height can cause both short-term effects and long-term. Effects like eye strain, neck issues and spine problems.

Out of the box, monitor heights are… ok. They really are just a one-size option, though, and we are not all one size! So, this is the best place to start when fixing the ergonomics of your workspace.

Ideally, our eyes should be in line with about 2-3 inches below the top of the monitor casing. Here are some ideas for how to achieve that:

  • Build some kind of platform (or buy a desk with a raised platform section) to put your monitor on.
  • If you are using a laptop, you can get all sorts of great stands that can tilt your laptop up at an angle!
  •  Consider mounting your monitor on a wall bracket or on a shelf just above your desk.

Stand up!

No… we’re not talking exercise. We’re talking about standing desks! Of course, there are many great standing desks on the market – including some that are powered to transition between sitting and standing. (Our gadget love is not exclusive to things with a motherboard!)

If budget is restricted, though, you can always improvise… a set of box-steps, a folding chair… anything that will fit on, or next to, your desk works! Just make sure it is sturdy and your cables don’t get stretched to their limit. Oh… and don’t forget to stick to those monitor height guidelines we mentioned earlier!

Save that Neck

Tension neck syndrome (or TNS) is a common workplace complaint… especially for people who spend a lot of the day on the phone or typing. (Or both!) It happens when you hold your neck and upper shoulders in the same awkward position for too long.

To avoid this, use your speakerphone more. Even better, invest in a good headset. Also, take breaks and try a few exercises to loosen up, in between calls. (I know… I said we were not going to talk exercise… but I couldn’t help it!)

Regular Break Reminders

Talking of breaks… yes… I know we said we would skip this stuff… but there are programs and apps out there that can help with this. And tech stuff is what we do, so it counts!

Big Stretch Reminder is a great app for Windows that reminds you to take regular breaks.  There is also Move for iOS. However, if you are not allowed to install software on your work machine, you could also try the free website

Gadgets & Gizmos A-Plenty!

Now, if we start talking about the various gadgets that have been designed to make desk-life more comfortable, we would be here all day! Suffice to say, there are a lot! For example, there is ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, memory foam wrist pads, comfort mats, light-blocking glasses. And I haven’t even touched furniture options! That may be a post for another day…

Well, enjoy making over your office space and stay healthy!

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