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7 Ways To Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Weak Spots

Managed IT, Security, Tech Tips | October 13, 2021

It’s probably no coincidence that Cybersecurity Awareness Month happens to be in the same month as Halloween. (We know it was a smart marketing person that came up with that tie-in!)

But, which is scarier… ghouls or cyber threats? Of course, we are definitely going to vote for the latter!

More Than 1 in 4 Canadians Don’t Feel Prepared for Cybersecurity Threats

When you look at a few other stats, you can understand why…

  • 30% of Canadians don’t use complex passwords.
  • 41% use the same password for different accounts.
  • And only 44% of Canadians have done the research to know how to spot if an email is a scam!

So, it is probably no surprise to learn that more than 1 in 4 Canadians have fallen victim to an email scam.

Good cybersecurity is possible. Getting started may seem daunting, but the biggest holes are often the easiest to fix! Obviously, as your friendly neighbourhood tech support, we want to help! So, to get you started, here are a few areas to check…

Install Anti-virus software.

Make sure it is reputable and it is actively scanning devices.

Secure Your Network.

Change your Wi-Fi’s name from the default and protect it with a password. If you are away from home or the office, consider using a VPN.

Update Your Passwords.

Make sure you use strong, complicated passwords or phrases. Also use a different one for each account and change them regularly.

Back Up Your Password With An Extra Layer of Cybersecurity

Like an onion, good cybersecurity should have layers. In fact, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can block up to 99.9% of attacks! Methods include adding a verification code that is sent by text message, biometrics (like fingerprints) or authentication apps.

Keep Up-To-Date With Updates!

Make sure you regularly download the latest security patches and software updates. (You can set this up to happen automatically.)

Share Your Cybersecurity Knowledge.

Keep your team up-to-date with any threats you come across. In particular, make sure you notify your IT Support Team of anything suspicious.

Watch Out For Scams!

Learn the signs and be on the lookout for them. For emails and messages, these can include bad grammar or spelling, unfamiliar sender addresses and suspicious links.


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