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Time to Review Your Business Data Vulnerabilities for Data Privacy Day

Security | January 28, 2022
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Business tech vulnerabilities are on the rise. Our lives have become more and more digital over the past 30 years. But the pandemic accelerated that faster than ever before.

It’s a world where data and personal information can be collected, stored and used more easily than ever before.

Everything you do online creates data. Some is about your habits. Data from you browsing history. Your likes and dislikes. And then there is the sensitive data like banking details, health data and ID numbers.

It is no wonder than Canadians are becoming increasingly worried about their privacy…

Data Privacy Day

January 28th is Data Privacy Day in Canada (along with several other countries round the world) and commemorates the signing of Convention 108 in 1981. This was the first legally binding international treaty that deals with data privacy and protection.

It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of protecting personal information… and a day to review our own practices. Whether it is protecting our own personal data… or the data of our business clients.

The PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), has set out principles and rules for businesses who handle or use personal information in a commercial activity. On top of this, B.C., Alberta and Quebec also have very similar laws at the provincial level.

It has also set out areas of data collection that is inappropriate… aka the “no-go zones”! So, examples of these may include collecting data for unlawful use or for profiling individuals in ways that lead to discrimination. An even scarier example would be using the video or microphone on a person’s own device for surveillance. Basically, anything dodgy or unethical.

10 Tips For Businesses

With so much potential for distrust, when it comes to data collection & storage, it has never been more important to have good privacy practices in business. Here are 10 tips to help you protect your customers and business tech vulnerabilities.

1. Limit the info you collect and retain, and make sure to get your customers’ consent.
2. Ensure that staff receive the appropriate training in data privacy protection.
3. Limit who can access that information and monitor so you can prevent unauthorized access.
4. Avoid collecting sensitive information unless absolutely necessary e.g. SIN numbers, driving licenses etc
5. Let customers know if you use video surveillance.
6. Have a privacy policy and also be open about your use of the data.
7. Use tech safeguards like encryption and password protection to protect the info on all storage devices.
8. Respond to access requests in a prompt manner.
9. Take steps to keep info safe from privacy breaches, and if any breaches happen that can cause harm to an individual, report them.
10. If a customer has questions about privacy, make sure they know who they can speak to.

Need Help Fighting Business Tech Vulnerabilities?

Navigating the tech side of data privacy can be a headache. And particularly if tech is not your forte. Luckily, it is ours! We can help with that headache, so you can go back to doing the job you do best. If you are a business owner in the BC Fraser Valley, contact us!

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