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Tech Tips | September 2, 2021

We love learning Tech Tips.

Some tips save us time. Some save us money. And some can save us hassle. Whatever the benefit, we also love sharing some such words of wisdom on our social media channels. Here are a few of our favourite Tech Tips, so far!

Messy Desktops

If you don’t like seeing all of your open windows on your PC screen, there is a quick fix. To minimize all your windows, shake the active one. Shake the active on again to make the minimized windows reappear! (Windows key + Home does the same action)

Save Some Power

A battery power-saving tip for your cellphone…

When possible, use the ringtone rather than vibrate, as it uses less power!

Search Tech Tips

When searching Google, hold down the Ctrl key when clicking links to open each link in a new tab. Then you never lose track of where you are on the search results page!

USB Cheat

Plug USB cables in the right way first time!

Look for the trident symbol. That should go UP. If there is no symbol, look for a seam on the metal part. That should go DOWN. Just a glance can avoid jamming the cable in the wrong way!

Retrieve Closed Tabs

If you accidentally close the wrong tab in your browser, you can reopen the tab with a couple of keystrokes… Hit Ctrl + Shift + T on your PC (or Command + Shift + T on your Mac) to automatically reopen the tab you just closed.

Quick Calculator

Need to solve a quick sum? Here’s a Tech Tip, Google is also a calculator! Just type the sum into the Google search bar and hit enter.

Caps Lock Whoops!

Accidentally typed something WITH CAPS LOCK ON? Just highlight the text and hit ‘Shift + F3’. It converts the text from UPPERCASE to lowercase or vice versa.

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