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What Is Two Factor Authentication and Do You Need It? | Fraser Valley Computer Support

Managed IT, Security, Tech Tips | October 28, 2020
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Nowadays, the world of digital security is a minefield. We often see reports of companies falling victim to major data breaches. The list of companies hit, over the years, makes for some impressive reading! In fact, there have been over 14 billion data breaches since 2013. Roughly 75 data records are still being stolen every second! Plus the pandemic wasn’t helpful, as employees working from home are on weaker networks. However, nefarious hackers are not causing all the breaches. Shockingly, they only amount for about 40% of them. Technical glitches or employee error make up for the other breaches. We’ve said it before. Use complicated passwords and change them often! But you can do more, with 2 Factor Authentication!

What Is 2 Factor Authentication?

diagram of how two factor authentication worksOne effective concept introduced to thwart login hackers is two factor authentication (2FA). This is where, after you have entered your password, you add another way to tell the site that you are you (Like in movies where scientists entering secret spy labs have to use a swipe card as well as a retinal scanner to enter). Since you need both to access your account with 2 Factor Authentication, this extra layer of security increases the protection of sensitive data from these cases of a password database being stolen or hacked.

Alternatively, it can involve sending a one-time-use number code to another device you own, through a text or app. These days, most of us are seeing the latter on a more regular basis.


The short answer is Yes!

Nowadays, many companies offer 2FA as an option.

In conclusion, If a site gives you the option, take it! (Especially anywhere that will have any valuable ID info, financial records or payment details.) You can see who has it and who doesn’t at

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